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PickOfThePets is a fun, free website run by a bunch of the top pet lovers from Pet Checkers. We spend far too much time (and money) on the most ridiculous products for our pets.

And that’s why we created PickOfThePets. We want to share the coolest, most unique and utterly ridiculous gifts and products you can buy for your pets.

We’re not interested in boring products. Just the innovative, interesting, weird and sometimes strange ones.

Should you choose to invest your own hard-earned money into a product we feature, we may earn a small commission. That said, we don’t only feature products to earn money, we feature them because we think they’re awesome. We often feature products we get zero compensation for.

Meet the Team

Ben Doyle

Founder / Editor

Ben is the guy responsible for starting PickOfThePets.com. You could say he’s the brains behind the operation.

When he’s not working with the animals at Pet Checkers, he’s scouring the internet for the best pet-related gifts he can find.


Head of Product Testing

Milo is Ben’s most trusted advisor. He’s a cat but he thinks he’s a dog.

He’s in charge of product testing (when applicable) and he has the final say on whether a product should be featured or not. When Milo isn’t testing products or giving Ben advice, you’ll find him eating. And sleeping.

pick of the pets logo

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