Catastrophic Creations Wall Cat Furniture

Catastrophic Creations wall mounted cat furniture encourages your kitty to be active while freeing up floor space and making your wall space look epic. All at the same time.

Our cats can be annoying little feckers, can’t they?!

Like, when all you want to do is sit down and take the weight off your feet. But there’s a furry ball of attitude sat in your favourite spot. Or when you go to bed and see they’ve left their fur all over your pillow.

Well, this wall-mounted cat furniture and shelving from Catastrophic Creations provides cats with a space, they’re actually likely to use.

It’s like a kitty jungle gym that encourages natural behaviours like climbing, hunting for food and lounging around in high places.

Bridges, hammocks, ladders, shelves, feeders, cubby shelves and scratching posts, it’s completely customisable. You can make it as big or as small as you want. Fill a whole wall or have a single shelf. And if you’re stuck for ideas, they sell kits called ‘Cat Condos’.

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