PetFusion Modest Cat Litter Box Privacy Screen

Give your feline friend the privacy they deserve while having a poo. This privacy screen stands 3ft high and 4ft wide. So unless your cat is the size of a lion, they can use the loo in peace.

A Quick Review of the PetFusion Modest Cat Litter Box Privacy Screen

Has your cat ever made eye contact with you while having a dump?


Let’s be honest, no one likes to be watched while they’re on the bog.

Not even your cat.

So why not spare everyone blushes with a privacy screen for their litter tray?

Made from a bamboo frame, it stands 3ft tall and 4ft wide. So unless you own a lion, it’ll be big enough to spare the blushes of even the biggest cat.

The screens are made from semi-transparent plastic which is super easy to clean. They also let light through which solves any behavioural issues for cats that are claustrophobic. If your feline is a sensitive soul, this might be a better solution than a covered cat litter box.

Its ‘open floor’ design means your cat can access it from either side so they aren’t confined to a single entry or exit.

It’s modern in design and you can choose between a walnut brown frame or a white frame. So it’ll fit into the decor of almost any home.

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